How to Play the Mr and Mrs Game

Want to add something extra to your wedding reception? The Mr and Mrs Game (or Mrs and Mrs/Mr and Mr Game) needs to be on your radar.

One of the most popular modern wedding traditions is the Mr and Mrs Game (or Mrs and Mrs/Mr and Mr Game) and it’s one definitely worth considering adding to your wedding reception itinerary. Not only is it a fun way to get to know your partner, it’ll help get your guests in on your love story, too. If you aren’t familiar with the rules and want to learn how to play, we’ve hashed it all out for you here.

Here’s how to play the Mr and Mrs Game at your wedding reception.

Learn the rules
Before you play any game, you need to get familiar with the rules. This one’s pretty simple, so you shouldn’t have a tough time mastering it.

Here’s the lowdown: you and your partner will sit back to back and answer questions relating to your relationship. All of the questions should begin with the word “who”, so you can easily answer without a lengthy explanation. Speaking of explanations, the Mr and Mrs Game is nonverbal – you’ll answer all of the questions by holding up a prop that represents your answer (AKA a prop that represents you or your spouse), instead of saying it aloud.

Know your players
You and your spouse are the only real players in the Mr and Mrs Game, but you’ll also need a quiz master. This is the person who will read out all of the questions and act as an emcee for the game. You can ask your DJ to take on this duty or a hilarious bridesmaid, groomsman, friend or family member. Remember to choose someone who’s good at public speaking – they’ll set the tone for the game.

Set it up
The set up for the Mr and Mrs Game is simple. You’ll need to place two chairs back to back on the stage or in the centre of your dance floor. Make sure you choose a spot where all your guests can see and hear you, because everyone will want to get hear the juicy details of your relationship. Once you’re seated, you’ll each need two props, one that represents yourself and another that represents your spouse.

Pick your props
Speaking of props, this is where the two of you can really get creative. You could each take of your shoes and hold one of your own and one of your spouse’s, you could use props that represent your careers or hobbies, or you could hold up funny signs – the options are pretty much endless here!

Choose your questions
Last but certainly not least, you need some Qs to A. As mentioned before, all of the questions asked should begin with the word “who” and relate to you and your partner.


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