Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

You want your bridal ensemble to be stunning from your veil all the way down to your wedding shoes. Here’s how to find the right footwear for your big day.

So, you’ve found your wedding dress, your accessories and a bridal veil that’s to die for. So, what’s left? Your wedding shoes, of course. While you could dust off your old and faithful party shoes for your big day, we suggest splurging a bit and buying a brand new pair. Before you throw down your credit card, there are few things you should know.

Here are a few tips for finding the perfect wedding shoes.

Know your budget
Start things off by looking at how much of your budget you can allocate to your wedding shoes. You may have hundreds to invest or you may only have a fifty quid to spare, and you should know before heading into any stores. Keep in mind that there are stunning budget-friendly kicks available on the high street, so there’s no need to slack on style.

Think about your venue style
This one may actually slip your mind when shopping for wedding shoes, but it’s important to note what kind of venue you’ve chosen when selecting the footwear for your big day. After all, walking down Brighton’s pebbled beach to take wedding photos would be pretty tough in a pair of stilettos. If you’re hosting your ceremony or reception outdoors it’s best to opt for a chunkier heel or a pair of flats. If you’re going to be sticking to glossy hardwood or marble – go ahead and wear whatever your heart desires.


Use your wedding dress to guide you
The last thing you want is for your wedding shoes to clash with your gown, so bring a picture of your dress along with you when hunting for that perfect pair of slingbacks or stilettos. Consider its length, colour, style and fit and try to imagine how your entire ensemble would look together. Pro tip: make sure you can return the shoes, just in case don’t match as well as you’d imagined.

Consider your everyday shoes
Not every bride is comfortable sauntering down the aisle in six-inch heels. If you feel your best in more modest shoes, go with that style for your big day. Seriously, no one is going to judge you for wearing 2-inch sling backs or fashionable flats.

Find footwear that’s on-theme
By this point, you’ve probably figured out your wedding theme and have started to bring it to life. Well, you don’t want to drop the ball when you start purchasing your wedding attire. If you’re hosting your wedding in the countryside, why not go with a pair of boots instead of heels? Or, if you’re going for a vintage affair, think about rocking a pair of patterned flats.

Get creative (if you want to)
Don’t want to sport classic cream coloured heels on your big day? You totally don’t have to. If you’re not one to stick to the status quo, try something a bit different, like a pair of cowboy boots or bold strappy sandals. These can really make a statement when paired with the right gown. If you’ve opted for a floor-length frock, you can make comfort your priority, as the layers of tulle and taffeta will probably conceal your shoes.

The more the merrier
While you may invest a little more in the shoes you’re going to wear for your walk down the aisle, that doesn’t have to be the only pair you purchase for your wedding day. Many brides choose to double up so that they can wear dreamy sky-high heels for their ceremonies and more practical footwear for their receptions (you won’t be able to dance the night away covered in blisters).

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